Spencer Museum of Art.

Lawrens, USA
The spencer museum reached out to GBH again for their study center project.


Three very large cases, two being atypical in design, all to fit within niches. Working closely with the museum, Pei Cobb Freed&Partners and Sabatini Architects in design assist. The large airtight cases consisted of hinged and duo-rail doors in anti-reflective glass (back painted) and magnetic locking systems, built into niches. Two cases at 17’L x 2’8”D x 11’H, being two sided openable doors, requiring 8 doors to be opened simultaneously. The interior with a special designed shelf system with removable vertical posts and Arakawa channel system. Load torques were crucial in understanding anchor points to buildings ceiling structure. The base consisted of very large pull-out drawers with openable glass airtight tops. The third case at 23’L x 3”D x 11’H with 4 duo-rail doors and Arakawa channel system, set into a niche, where the duo-rails doors went past the flush walls. The cases were “dry fit” at the factory, installation required a special octopus glass lifter SL380, scissor and Gennie lifters operated by our techs.

Project details.


04. 2021 – 03. 2022

GBH team

Isabel Hahn | Haithem Ouerghi | Robert Fischer | Allan Dallas

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Spencer Museum of Art, Study Center  


Ryan Waggoner | Brandon Jessip

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Equipment of all display cases.

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  • Vibration-Alarm
  • Light
  • WiFi
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  • Silica-Gel