National Palace Museum.

Southern Branch, Chiayi County, Taiwan
National Palace Museum exhibition desiplay project - Buddhist exhibition hall and textile exhibition hall.

The building’s shape was designed to invoke the three classical brush forms of ink painting.

The Buddha Gallery is presenting one of the most sophisticated GLASBAU HAHN display cases designed with highly demanding electronic details. It is equipped with five front glass doors each of which measures 5.6 m x 2.5 m and can be opened and closed individually using an electronic control system designed by GLASBAU HAHN. To ensure that the glass doors move without interfering with one another and keep the required position at any given time the door systems are equipped with mechanical and electronic sensors and acoustic alarm units.

Another superlative is the longest mobile wall measuring 12 m x 6.3 m. 20 sets of chain motors for the sliding mechanism, and eight sets of drivable motors on top and bottom ensure that it can be moved smoothly as required to either reduce or to enlarge the display case´s inside volume. Its electronic control system consists of a 4 – 8 quadrant positioning control unit with an integrated output stage steered by digital and analogue entries and exits.

Glasbau Hahn installed 19 wall cases & 1 free-standing display cases. Some cases in Buddha Gallery are up to 9m high, up to 25m long, and some cases in the Textile Gallery are double-faced and curved.

Project details.


2013 – 2016

GBH team

Norbert Leonhardt  |  Mimon Allitou |  Gunther Duflan

Number of display cases


Exhibit designer

U-Joint Design Construction Co. Ltd

Client's name

National Palace Museum

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Equipment of all display cases.

  • Temperature
  • Vibration-Alarm
  • Light
  • WiFi
  • Humidity
  • Silica-Gel