National Museum
of Qatar.

Doha, Qatar
Poetical architecture meets sensitive exhibition design in mood creating light scenarios.

The breath-taking architecture of Pritzker Prize laureate Jean Nouvel was inspired by a sand rose and opens up expressive spatial sequences of incredible grace.

“The National Museum is dedicated to the history of Qatar. Symbolically, its architecture evokes the desert, its silent and eternal dimension, but also the spirit of modernity and daring that have come along and shaken up what seemed unshakeable. So, it’s the contradictions in that history that I’ve sought to evoke here.” “I wanted to create a structure that evoked the local geography and, in keeping with the tradition of the place, to ensure that it offers maximum protection from the sun.

(Jean Nouvel)

Glasbau Hahn created 10 aesthetically impressive conservation grade and motorized table-like large display cases and complex large glass walls in Gallery 11.

Project details.


2018 – 2019

GBH team

Mihai Neacsu | Markus Knecht

Project Amount

10 + glass-walls Gallery 11

Exhibit designer

Renauld Pierard Studio, Nantes, France

Client's name

MAN Enterprise Qatar W.L.L.
Empty S.L. Joint Venture (MEJV)

Client since


Equipment of all display cases.

  • Temperature
  • Vibration-Alarm
  • Light
  • WiFi
  • Humidity
  • Silica-Gel