Our commitment to improvement has made us the leading supplier of museum display cases.


Preserving the world‘s heritage by designing and building the world‘s best display cases.

Since its foundation in 1829 and the invention of the all-glass display case in 1937, Glasbau Hahn has devoted all its efforts and passion to designing and building the world's best - most functional, safest, modern, aesthetic and almost invisible - museum display cases. Our aim is to protect the world's heritage and maintain our leading position in the museum display case market by providing technological advancement and innovation through innovative engineering & precise craftsmanship.


The leader sets the pace in progress and innovation.

Glasbau Hahn continues to set new standards in museum display cases through innovation leadership and continuous progress. Creating the state of the art in consulting, protection, conservation and responsible presentation of the world's cultural heritage - and - preserving our values "innovative engineering & precise craftsmanship" - is at the centre of everything we do.

At the same time, we are committed to continuous improvement and to making the best and most efficient use of all our resources:

Our highly motivated and skilled, multinational and diverse workforce

Our production technologies and raw materials, which must meet the highest quality and emission standards

Our environmental & carbon footprint, by increasingly and continuously implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our compliance with the requirements of all relevant European and German legislation and guidelines relating to health and safety.

Glasbau Hahn is committed to its clients and collaborators - architects & designers, exhibition designers and curators, restorers and private collectors - and to its employees, who come from more than 21 nations, as well as to its shareholders (the family owning the company). We manage sustainable and continuous growth responsibly, while constantly improving the performance of our products and processes to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders.


Glasbau Hahn is a woman-owned company and is now in its 5th generation of ownership by the Hahn family.