Our equipment ensure that your showcase is the perfect display space.

Display case configuration.

Each display case type can be built in different configurations with different performance levels.
Lighting, climate control, security, alarm, vibration mitigation

All display case types can be fitted with lighting systems, security locks and alarms, silica gel trays, and connected to climate and air filtering machines. Air conditioning units and filter systems can be installed in closed plinths of display cases or remotely in a plant room. Antivibration systems and earthquake systems can be integrated.

The Plinth

The display case types with plinth can be designed with various substructures. Typical plinth designs are table legs, box legs, closed or recessed plinths. We recommend fitting all closed substructures with a kicker-zone. We can design plinths to support Pest protection.

Note: The showcase types with plinths can also be easily integrated in plinth constructions by others.

Display case interior and coordinated object mount systems

Glasbau Hahn offers different object interior accessories as shelving, hanging rails, object plinths, book rests, wall partitions in powder coated metal, fabric wrapped panels or other conservation grade material.

Display Case Graphics and multimedia integration

Glasbau Hahn integrates labels, graphics and multimedia applications in the interior design of showcases and offers the service to create special supports and stands for multimedia elements.

Display case configuration service.

The extensive configuration possibilities of the display cases themselves paired with the options for the interior design and the technical equipment such as lighting, air filtration, air conditioning, security, vibration mitigation and pest control explain the need for a qualitative consulting service which Glasbau Hahn offers through its team of Museum consultants. They define and configure the display case/s in dialogue with our clients and according to their needs.

Design Assist Service.

Especially for projects Glasbau Hahn offers a Design Assist Service which is managed by our System Engineering team treating all questions around a project and in particular the integration of display case constructions in building projects.